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Our Story

In 1984 our founders, Mike Sentch and Kevin Skeet, set the path of Project Roofing toward becoming a leader in commercial roofing with good people, good business practice and a focus on service, workmanship and delivery of a quality product.

As time passed and the company reputation developed, this desire to lead the industry drove the collective founding of the Roofing Association of New Zealand to help elevate the roofing industry to 'Specialist Trade' status.


As a vocal member of the NZ Specialist Trade Contractors Federation, Mike set his sights on improvement of the lop-sided contractual expectations lumped on subcontractors and in particular the elimination of 'When paid, If paid' paradox for constructors psyche. He was an integral representative of the Specialist Trade fraternity in the development and negotiation of the terms which now constitute the Construction Contracts Act 2002 and the Subcontract Agreement 2009 which are widely accepted as the base standard today.

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